After 24 Years

I just retired from education at the end of the 2017-18 school year. It was the perfect time for so many reasons. Daughter #2 had just graduated with a Ph.D. from Kansas State University and we were not going to renew our lease on our apartment. Any job that she was going to accept would not be in our current town and I still had her approval to continue living with her. Side note: I have lived with her since 2013 after moving from Illinois while trying to get divorced. It took 3 years for a divorce decree! Which when you talk to other people, a lot of people do not like their parents or want to live with them again. I feel pretty lucky!

Best Class Ever

I had just completed the year with the best group of students and parents that I had ever had! That was big! When I say that I had great parents, I am not exaggerating. They came in for all of our parties, they brought gift cards (not necessary, but very appreciated!), and they were really involved with their kids! I loved them! I had just finished the year with the best student-teacher aids the 1st semester and the most fantastic student intern for the 2nd semester. She was my first Student Teacher! How did I get so lucky! She was so positive and fun! I actually had time to work 1:1 with my students and not feel guilty that the rest of the class was suffering without my attention. It was one of the least stressful years that I have had since I started teaching in the classroom 5 years ago. (Prior to that, I was a Reading Teacher – Best Job Ever!) Side note: My 1st classroom teacher job was 4th graders in 2013 – they were pretty amazing as well and had amazing parents, but 4th grade was not my favorite grade to teach.

What To Keep What To Give Away

One of the biggest struggles when deciding to retire was figuring out what to do with 24 years of teaching supplies! Do you keep them? If not, do you sell them? Or, do you give them away? It took a lot of packing with the help of both Daughter #1 and Daughter #2! They are both so amazing! I gave away everything that was Math Enrichment related for grade levels K, 2nd, and 3rd. Then, I gave away most of my 2nd and 3rd-grade math and science materials. I had decided if I was going to teach again, it would be in 1st grade because that’s where my heart is. It looks like I could start a children’s library with all of the books I still have! They were so heavy to move!

Will I Teach After I Move

So the next decision that I had to make was whether or not to continue teaching after I moved. I can still retire from Illinois at age 60 and teach somewhere else. I renewed my Teaching Certificate for Kansas before I moved just in case. It’s much easier to get an out of state license if you still have a current license. I’m good until 2023. Do I want to continue teaching in the classroom? Not really. It’s usually very stressful. There are so many assessments that you have to do now that are not really useful. It wastes a lot of valuable time that could be spent teaching. Many of the skills that students are tested on are for benchmark purposes. I already knew who was good at reading and math because I had already assessed them individually. But, if I could be a Reading Teacher again, I would consider it.

What Will I Do Now

The “What” was the trickiest part. Do I want to get licensed and teach after I move? Do I want to do Private Tutoring? Or, do I want to want to create more TeachersPayTeachers products? Do I want to start a new blog/website? Or, do I want to create an Online Course? Maybe I want to just work at a grocery store? LOL! My retirement from Illinois is about half of my previous income. I moved too many times! I will also have a retirement from Kansas, but not until I’m 65. The indecision was the problem when it came time to start packing up all my teacher stuff!

What I Decided

I decided that the one thing that I really love doing is teaching Reading! It is my passion! It’s the thing that I am an expert at. I was a Reading Recovery Teacher for 5 years and a Primary Reading Teacher for 13 years. I love teaching new readers how to figure out the puzzle of reading. But, I also love helping parents figure out how to help them. This is what I’m good at!

Now What

Now I’m teaching myself an entirely new skill! I have purchased a domain name, hosting for a year, a WordPress Theme – (Divi), and started collecting information. I found some great online tutorials, both free and paid, and I am learning how to make a website with a Blog, use Affiliate Marketing, Automated Emails, and an online course creation platform – (Teachable). Its a lot, but I’m up for the challenge! When I freaked out a bit at the start, Daughter #2 reminded me that Ex #2 made a website and I’m smarter than him! I love her! So, stay tuned! I am working on posting some valuable information to get you started.

Step By Step Teaching

Reading is a mastery kind of course, so Step-by-Step will be my method of teaching. I will be creating video content, since that is the thing nowadays, and I will create a course so you too can teach a child how to read from the comfort of your own home. I’m excited about moving forward and hope you will join me on this journey. Sign up for updates and I will send you an email to keep you up to date on my progress. Thanks if you’re still reading! You’re amazing!


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