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Meet Suzi Whitford

From Startamomblog.com

*Full Disclosure: Since I own so many of Suzi’s courses, I have become an Affiliate for StartAMomBlog. What that means is I will receive monetary support for my blog if you make a purchase from one of my links.*

I know that I’m not creating a “Mom” blog, but I am creating a blog for Moms. The same rules apply when creating. So, although Suzi focuses on the ‘Mom’ niche, her tips, tricks, tutorials, and courses are for everyone.

I am sad to say that she wasn’t the first person I found online trying to teach blogging. I purchased another course before I found her speaking at a Subscribers Summit with ConvertKit, which is an email management program that I use. That first course I bought was way overpriced and difficult to follow, but I had nothing to compare it to!

Suzi also teaches in the style that I prefer. She teaches everything very step-by-step. If that’s your preferred style, I know you will love her stuff! She also makes all of her courses affordable, since she is targeting a group that traditionally has limited funds. As a retired teacher, I really appreciate that as well and I’m sure you will too!

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Blog By Number Course

The First Course I Purchased

This is the first course that I purchased from Suzi. It never expires. You can go through it over and over again and it is so helpful when everything else is so overwhelming. If you aren’t tech savvy, starting a blog is a little intimidating. Suzi makes the process very doable. She gives you text and videos to walk you through the process step-by-step.

I was even able to set up a professional email address on my server following her directions. My Server! Crazy! I would have never had the confidence to try to do that before her course!

When you start the course, you get a warm welcome, and overview, then a complete course checklist. She gives you a list of necessary plugins that your blog will need and shows you how to set them up.

Blog By Number eBook Included

If you like to have the text to read, she includes her complete Blog By Number eBook with the Course that you can download and print off if that is your learning style. She has included a linked Table of Contents within the eBook that lets you go straight to any section that you want to revisit. That was very helpful! The eBook also includes handy screen grabs that help you navigate questions and concerns and provides a link to her helpful Facebook Lives that she provides every Thursday afternoon. 

Getting Started

The course includes how to decide what to blog about, how to choose a blog name, and tons of examples to help you really think about what you really want to do. Suzi gives a tutorial on how to set up your WordPress site on two different hosts (the address where your blog lives). 

The Blog By Number Course includes updated tutorials on how to use a free WordPress Theme, which one is good to start with, and how to customize it so it looks like your own. She talks about logos, menus, and sidebars. Suzi makes it so easy by telling you which free plugins make a big difference to your blog and how to install them.

Content Updated Frequently

She has updated this course twice since I bought it. It now contains a much nicer free theme and modules that teach both the new Block Editor and the Classic Editor of WordPress. The Block Editor is very similar to the paid DIVI Theme but is included with WordPress. Suzi teaches these Editors by actually showing you how to make 3 different kinds of blog posts: SEO Ranking, Affiliate Income, and Email List posts. Free templates that are optimized for each of the three types of posts are provided and  ‘How To’  instructions for importing pages and post templates into your blog.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Although she does not give you legal advice, she lets you know what things must be included on your blog to keep you out of legal trouble – what needs to be on your About Me page and how to create your Legal Page – Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

If you are stuck on ideas, Suzi includes an entire section on different types of post ideas, different types of posts, blog post headlines, and much more. She helps you figure out what to write about.


The Blog By Number Course also includes a section on how to create Pinterest Images that can go viral. There are tips on the essential elements, tools, a basic overview of Pinterest, How to use Pinterest, Pinterest Group Boards, and lists of Group Boards that are out there.

Making Money

The Course also includes how to make money blogging, which is why many people start a blog. It includes the basics to get started, Affiliate opportunities, how to sell services, how to sell printables, and another 83 ways to make money with a blog! There is even a section on how to make your first freebie so you can grow your email list.

Advanced Techniques

The last section includes Advanced Techniques for Pinterest, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Facebook.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this is one of the best and least expensive ways to get started. Many people are charging over $397 for this kind of training. StartaMomBlog offers a 30 Money Back Guarantee, so if you don’t think this is worth what she is charging, she will refund your money.

All the essential things that I learned about Blogging, I learned from Suzi Whitford and StartaMomBlog.com. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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